Stranger: hi
You: hii
Stranger: asl?
You: Sweden female 16 u
Stranger: mars male 16
You: mars??? ahahahahahahahahahahaha whut the fuck
Stranger: u dont beleive me do u?..but i really am from mars
You: ofc i doooooooo im from pluto!
Stranger: oh is that so..
You: so what?
You: U can come visit
You: i'll send u a ticket if u want to
You: but ur gonna have to meet my alien mom
Stranger: sure ill come n visit..
Stranger: your mom huh?
You: yes...
You: but she is pretty nice
Stranger: your moms an alien eh?..tht to on pluto ..who would have guessed
You: mhm.. what about u
You: ccan i come and visit
You: to mars?
You: maybe we can go to the moon togheter?
Stranger: ya u can definetly cum n visit mars
Stranger: the moon s already full of aliens sorry
You: oh
You: u really belive that ur from mars huh?
Stranger: i know tht im from mars..i came to this chat site by interpretin your signals
You: Boy u gotta be stupid .. sorry to say that =)


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